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Hey Students! Traveling for Spring Break?
March 7, 2007, 8:53 am
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carbon fund

Spring break is coming up for all of you readers who are students or parents of students. If your plans include travel by air, car, train, whatever, why not offset your carbon? By offsetting your carbon, you can reduce the environmental impact of your travel. Planes are particularly huge polluters — the Carbon Fund reports that a round-trip flight from New York to L.A. unloads over 2,000 lbs (that’s a ton. Literally.) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

When you offset your travel — which you can do through the Carbon Fund — you help support renewable energy, reforestation initiatives, and other programs that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and therefore help slow global warming.

I just offset the trip I’ll be taking next week (more on that later).

A small tax-deductible dent in your wallet, a big difference in your air.