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Blogs on the Ban – Link Round-up

In addition to Lynn’s article, to which I linked below, I wanted to direct your attention to some other great commentaries about the abortion ban from around the blogosphere:

Law prof Jack Balkin makes it clear (as if it weren’t already) why this matters: It’s the informed consent, stupid.

Lynn Harris of Salon also thinks through the implications of the decision in her recap.

Terrance at The Republic of T (via Jill) talks about what it means to be able to choose whether or not to terminate a second trimester pregnancy, and reminds us about the ramifications when choices are taken away from women.

Feminist Law Prof David S. Cohen reminds us who really gets hurt in all this — poor women.

belledame’s got the newest Carnival of the Feminists in 3 parts, and of course pulls together many posts about yesterday’s decision.

[edited] former Planned Parenthood chief Gloria Feldt unleashes her wisdom at WIMN’s voices, explaining why Gonzales is a Partial Truth Decision.

More of my own analysis to come…when I finish my evidence outline.


My Small Contribution to Blog Against Theocracy Weekend
April 7, 2007, 7:22 pm
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I am religious. But I think that religion (all religions) should stay the hell away from my civil rights and liberties. And I think Passover/Easter weekend is the perfect time to remind myself, and everyone else, of that. Separation of Church & State is imperative to the retention and strengthening of our rights to free speech, to personal autonomy, to the ability to worship or not as we please…the list goes on. And many (many) people have offered similar lists.

So here’s my contribution to Blog Against Theocracy Weekend: someone else’s art. Here’s indexed‘s Jessica Hagy’s take on religion in America.

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35th Carnival of the Feminists…
April 4, 2007, 9:04 pm
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is up at the f-word. Check out great posts on a myriad of issues by a variety of feminists, including me.

Carnival of the Feminists #34…
March 21, 2007, 7:46 pm
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…is up at An Old But Capacious Handbag. This blog is included, as are many other small and large feminist sites. Check it out.