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Where I’m At
June 23, 2007, 10:47 pm
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As you know, I’m blogging these days at Lawyers, Guns & Money. I’m still blogging as bean. I wasn’t cross posting this week but will try to from now on, or to at least post links to the posts at LGM.

Here’s what I wrote this week:

Here’s Why It’s a Mistake to Pin Dems’ Problems on Abortion

Hear no Evil, Know no Evil

The Problem with Prosecutorial Discretion

And Now for Something Completely Different


June 17, 2007, 11:22 pm
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As I mentioned earlier this week, the times they are a’changin around here. As of tomorrow, I will be a permanent fixture on Lawyers, Guns and Money. It’s about time they had a woman over there. Anyway, I haven’t figured out yet what will happen with this site. I will probably cross-post for a while and see how that goes. Maybe when my job ends and school resumes i’ll be able to write for two separate blogs.

But for the time being, for your daily dose of bean-ness, head on over to LG&M. And update your blogrolls…

Some News…and Travel
June 13, 2007, 1:11 pm
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Whew. Things are flying at a breakneck pace ’round these parts.

And I’ve got some less than exciting news and some really exciting news.

The less stuff first: I will be traveling for business until Friday and am not sure whether or how much I will have access to the internets and blog-o-sphere. I am hoping to post at least once between now and Friday…but we all know how that goes.

The more exciting stuff is this: The dudes over at Lawyers, Guns & Money have very generously invited me aboard there. So I will be joining the ranks at LG&M, and am proud to be their first female full-time blogger. I am not yet sure what I will do with AB&B. I may keep it up and cross post. I may keep it up only for posterity. We shall see. But beginning Monday, look for me over at my new virtual home.

Where the Hell Have I Been? And other such nonsense…
May 23, 2007, 10:29 pm
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A quick aside on where I have been and why I have not been blogging as much much this last week or so: I am working, folks. Mid week last week, I started my summer job, which keeps me very busy and makes it hard to impossible to blog during the workday. So mostly, at least til early July if not later, I’ll be blogging at night or in the early AM hours. I’ll try to continue to post at least 1x/day but no promises there…Hope you’ll stick around and keep on reading and commenting…

Happy summer!

The Nutmeg State Does Right by Women

It’s ridiculous that this law was (and is) considered “controversial.”

Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell today signed a bill that will require all licensed health care facilities to provide emergency contraception (EC) to victims of rape and other sexual assaults. The law, which will go into effect on October 1st of this year, mandates that healthcare providers offer accurate and objective information about EC and that they provide the drug upon request to any woman who has been assaulted.

Sounds good, right? Women who have been raped or sexually assaulted should not have to carry the child of their attacker against their will. Seems like common sense. Or simple human decency. Especially in a state where up to 40% of sexual assault victims report that they were not offered the drug.

But of course it’s not that simple. The Ms. Feminist Wire explains why:

Out of the state’s 31 hospitals, only the four Catholic hospitals objected to the bill. In order to appease concerns by Catholics who oppose distribution of contraception, the bill allows a third-party provider, such as a rape crisis nurse, to dispense the medicine. Catholic officials, however, are not satisfied with the provision; Archbishop Henry J. Mansell still objects to the distribution of EC on hospital grounds, the Hartford Courant reports.

The reason the church objects? Because, though the law requires a totally superfluous pregnancy test (since EC will not affect an already existing pregnancy), it does not mandate an ovulation test, which Catholic hospitals in the state currently require before dispensing EC.

I really can’t believe we’re still fighting about this. I can’t believe that the science has been twisted so far and that women are hated so much that we would deny rape victims a pill that could — if offered promptly — help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. But I should expect this at this point…it’s just another example of the ironically pro-abortion “pro-life” agenda. Culture of life my ass.

(Also at Feministe)

More Guest Posting Gigs
May 13, 2007, 10:07 am
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Hey folks,

Just a heads up that I’ll be guest posting this week, starting Monday, over at Feministe. I’ll x-post here, but check me out there too.

Many thanks to Jill for the invitation!

Taking down Abstinence Only Programs…now with 100% more humor!

Courtesy of very talented cartoonist (and new commenter(!)) Mikhaela Reid, have a laugh at the expense of abstinence only “education” programs (click the image to see it full size):

Reid - ab only