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My Small Contribution to Blog Against Theocracy Weekend
April 7, 2007, 7:22 pm
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I am religious. But I think that religion (all religions) should stay the hell away from my civil rights and liberties. And I think Passover/Easter weekend is the perfect time to remind myself, and everyone else, of that. Separation of Church & State is imperative to the retention and strengthening of our rights to free speech, to personal autonomy, to the ability to worship or not as we please…the list goes on. And many (many) people have offered similar lists.

So here’s my contribution to Blog Against Theocracy Weekend: someone else’s art. Here’s indexed‘s Jessica Hagy’s take on religion in America.

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Blog Against Sexism

Blog Against Sexism Day

Today (March 8th) is both International Women’s Day and Blog Against Sexism Day. It’s actually been harder than I expected to figure out what to write. In part because I write about sexism all the time (and wish I had saved that Salon article for this post), and in part because of the enormity of sexism that persists.

So I think I’ll just do this: Here is a non-exhaustive list of my prerequisites to achieving true sex equality.

* equal pay for equal work
* an expectation of joint responsibility in family-raising and fewer hours in the office for both parents
* free childcare and national healthcare
* the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and the expansion of access to family planning services
* marriage equality
* immigration laws that allow families to stay together
* comprehensive sex ed without shame or judgment and access to birth control & E.C.
* The shutdown of AutoAdmit
* Decreased media scrutiny of female celebrities’ appearance and sex lives
* greater acceptance of fathers as caregivers
* an expansion of transgender rights (and acceptance)
* The end of debates about who is a “better” feminist that revolve around makeup, clothing choices, etc.
* An end to sex trafficking and the decriminalization of prostitution (allowing sex workers greater protections)
* real economic opportunity for women regardless of socio-economic status and real government support for women who need it (this includes a move to a living wage as opposed to a minimum wage)
* Religion that brings people together around social justice and acceptance rather than hate and division
* Employment (and other) law that takes account of pregnancy instead of punishing it

Ok, so it’s a wishlist (and an idealistic starter one at that). But I think that Blog Against Sexism Day is an opportunity to think realistically about the deep roots of sexism, and about the ways in which it can – and cannot – be isolated from other social problems.

That’s my foray. Now it’s your turn. I hope you all (dear readers) will take advantage of comments and suggest changes that you see as necessary if we are ever to achieve real sex equality.

Today is International Women’s Day

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March 8 is International Women’s Day! Find events in your area here. For New Yorkers, check out feminist events here.