a bird and a bottle

June 17, 2007, 11:22 pm
Filed under: blogsturbation, me

As I mentioned earlier this week, the times they are a’changin around here. As of tomorrow, I will be a permanent fixture on Lawyers, Guns and Money. It’s about time they had a woman over there. Anyway, I haven’t figured out yet what will happen with this site. I will probably cross-post for a while and see how that goes. Maybe when my job ends and school resumes i’ll be able to write for two separate blogs.

But for the time being, for your daily dose of bean-ness, head on over to LG&M. And update your blogrolls…


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Congrats! That’s exciting news…I love it when smaller bloggers get to jump to bigger sites. Rock on!

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Hi boys!65963e6a0927722b8d122af839a99ed9

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