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Some News…and Travel
June 13, 2007, 1:11 pm
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Whew. Things are flying at a breakneck pace ’round these parts.

And I’ve got some less than exciting news and some really exciting news.

The less stuff first: I will be traveling for business until Friday and am not sure whether or how much I will have access to the internets and blog-o-sphere. I am hoping to post at least once between now and Friday…but we all know how that goes.

The more exciting stuff is this: The dudes over at Lawyers, Guns & Money have very generously invited me aboard there. So I will be joining the ranks at LG&M, and am proud to be their first female full-time blogger. I am not yet sure what I will do with AB&B. I may keep it up and cross post. I may keep it up only for posterity. We shall see. But beginning Monday, look for me over at my new virtual home.


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Congratulations on being the first one on the team to actually be a lawyer, have guns, or have money.

I’ll try checking this place around Friday. I’m going to be at an atheist students’ conference from Thursday till Sunday, and have no idea how much internet access there is over there.

Comment by Alon Levy

sounds like an interesting conference. hope you’ll report back.

And sadly, I am not a lawyer, do not have a gun, and have little money. Though I will *soon* be a lawyer. Though I will probably still lack money and definitely lack a gun…

Comment by bean


congratulations. will definitely follow you over.

Comment by professorplum

My little Bird’s all grown up. And now she’s flown the coop!


Comment by KMZ

great work….you make me proud…..

Comment by dad

congratulations! this is awesome! !!!


Comment by tiloma

You go girl! I am way proud of you!

LGM is lucky to have you!


Comment by Zonvil

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