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Congress to Call off the Ab-Only Hounds

Abstinence only “education” programs are chock full of misogyny and are totally ineffective. This we know.

Yet the Bush administration has allotted more and more money to them at every turn.

That’s the bad news.

The good news? With the help of the new Democrat-controlled Congress, that might be about to change. Jessica’s got the word that Congressional Democrats are planning to let Title V — the main funding stream for federal abstinence only programs like the one Jill wrote about here quietly die.

How’s that for legislative inactivism?

(also at Feministe).


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Does abstinence-only sex ed even have negative effects, aside from not succeeding at its goal? If it doesn’t, then the only good that comes out of defunding it without funding comprehensive sex ed will be a marginal cost saving.

Comment by Alon Levy

certain programs have been found to have negative effects – like students being less likely to seek treatment for STDs or use protection when they do have sex – but there’s a lot of possible negative effects that they don’t ask about on the evaluations… body image, LGBTQ sensitivity, ideas about gender, shame about one’s body.

Comment by maxwell

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