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The Good, The Bad, and The Grisly
May 8, 2007, 2:31 pm
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Here’s an interesting story, via ATL:

The man who invented the three-drug cocktail used for lethal injection death sentences has come out in favor of a review of the drugs’ efficacy. This on the heels of speculation that death by lethal injection is not nearly as painless as it has been touted to be. The inventor’s turnaround is the good here.

The bad? He’s still in favor of capital punishment. Dr. Jay Chapman, the drug cocktail inventor, told CNN that he still supports the death penalty, and even this method/drug cocktail, so long as it’s correctly administered.

And the Grisly? Better than lethal injection, he says, would be the guillotine.


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To be fair, the guillotine is painless…

Comment by Alon Levy

Has anyone ever returned from the abyss to enlighten us about what it feels like? I think not.

Comment by Swampcracker

not surprisingly, public executions were often the site of riots and revolts.
the last “public” beheading was executed by Zarkawi or another militant group and aired on Al Jazeera and then endlessly on the web.
Bringing our executions a little close to Islamic fundamentalist executions may do a little to change our public perception. (In the international list of official government executions, Iran is often our immediate neighbor.)
I say: bring back the guillotine and make jurors watch it. Then, hell, air it on youtube. Hard to imagine the death penalty would be around to stay.

Comment by professorplum

I agree with Professor Plum. I like the idea of making things public. The whole criminal justice system is shunted away from everything else, like a horrible factory farm, when it should be the opposite.

Comment by Phoebe Love

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