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A Day Without Blogging
May 1, 2007, 10:19 am
Filed under: Law School, laziness, me

Just a heads-up that posting will be light or non-existent today, as I’ve got to take an exam.

I know it’s sad. All will be back to normal tomorrow.


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Wishing you every success on your exams …

Comment by Swampcracker

Strictly speaking, today should be a day without blog-reading for me. I have a takehome due in two days that looks very tedious.

Comment by Alon Levy

Good luck! We don’t start for another week or so, but I’m already dreading my eight hour FedCourts exam.

Comment by aeroman

Success to all of you.

Comment by Swampcracker

Ouch. Eight hours of fed courts?! I assume it’s a take home. I just finished Evidence. It was all theoretical, not at all rules-based. And loooong. But glad it’s done.

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes.

Comment by bean

Do you have any exams left, Bean?

And Aeroman, good luck with fed courts.

Comment by Alon Levy

Thanks, Alon! Good luck with your stuff, as well.

Congrats on having it done, bean. I absolutely despise exams that focus too much on theory and policy questions, simply because it’s so hard to figure out what exactly would constitute a good answer.

Yeah, it’s nominally a take home, though I’ll do it all at school to avoid losing time to travel. My First Amendment exam last Spring was 24 hours, though, so I guess I should count myself lucky.

Comment by aeroman

Good luck, Aeroman! Sounds like you’re a third year, which must make it both even harder to study and even sweeter to be so close to being finished.

And I agree about policy exams. I often feel that law school exams are an exercise in frustration in that you know that if leave feeling great, you probably messed something up. Sigh.

Anyway, yes, good luck!

Comment by bean

good luck, Bean! Not that you need it…

Comment by milbydaniel

Got an H on the eight-hour fed courts! Hooray!

Comment by aeroman

congrats! maybe you can coach me, then, when I take fed courts next fall…

Comment by bean

I suppose H means honors… in which case, congratulations, Aeroman, and welcome to the club of multi-degreed asswipes.

Comment by Alon Levy

Thanks! Yeah, H means honors in YLS’s weird grading system.

I’m not twice-degree’d yet. Degrees are voted on later this week, and nothing’s official until then. I will be very relieved.

I hope firm life is treating you well, bean.

Comment by aeroman

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