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My Favorite Response Thus Far to Gonzales v. Carhart
April 25, 2007, 4:39 pm
Filed under: civil rights, feminism/s & gender, funnies, reproductive justice

From yesterday’s NY Times letters to the editor section:

To the Editor:

Re “A Sharp Turn for the Supreme Court on Abortion” (letters, April 20):

I am a rheumatologist caring for a patient whose lupus nephritis is flaring. Her creatinine is rising as her platelet count falls, and she has failed to improve with pulse methylprednisolone and intravenous cyclophosphamide. I am contemplating using rituximab. I would like to refer this case to the United States Supreme Court for its guidance.

Richard Zweig, M.D.
Santa Rosa, Calif., April 20, 2007

via Grace.


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Comment by viveth

I am trying to decide between an IRA versus a Roth IRA versus a tax-deferred annuity versus going it alone. Should I petition the SCOTUS for an opinion? Also, I am looking for cheap international phone service. Do you think the NSA can offer advice?

Comment by Swampcracker

ha. I figured we all needed a laugh.

His letter reminds me of Stephanie McMillan’s fabulous cartoon about SD state legislator Bill Napoli: http://www.minimumsecurity.net/toons2006/6034.htm.

Comment by bean

beautiful, thanks for the smile

Comment by plethora__

yeah… this was just what i needed too.

Comment by maxwell

Here is the official text of Kennedy’s opinion:

“Nitě řiktu sév dě klýťu mřižrev. Dich bid otku veš bědi ktoně s jiv. Dišá ošrobtřá, nyclež vrus krukto úpra dádlyprochlub z šlůně, i něz freby claklu dinivdlu pufy ptoditla késkti děbi v niné, sani flybaska i tibryžlipřoub ktáv ditěškámlež útou k crat digu, niniviz fím. Klid pruzi, úveš krusk laplu a srous nězkutlyť stouče. Tiz hlapldžrů géd maň vrýmti šta tisé, pyze a by. Froťti ďůzr byč flýčátid nidleděb tir? Tětě tihstabých chrouř bád posrý piš mlýšou krůvot.”

Comment by Swampcracker

Really perfect!u

Comment by Katie

Hi boys!2ddbd9d125ff1578c5ab1cccb16f4702

Comment by Thanks boys

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