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April 5, 2007, 9:03 am
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, media, news, politics, wider world

The Republican noise machine (Amanda’s great term) is in a tizzy about this photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is in Syria.


They’re calling her trip a publicity stunt and a bad idea, and criticizing the fact that Pelosi is in Syria — representing a bipartisan Congressional panel — to begin with. And there’s been a lot of talk about her decision to don the headscart to go into a mosque. Of course, as Amanda notes, the most vitriol has come from Althouse and Glenn Reynolds, who maintain that Pelosi cannot be a feminist and also wear a headscarf. That’s BS. Showing respect when entering a religious house of worship is totally different than endorsing that mandatory head covering.

Of course, as Media Matters points out, the criticism of Pelois’s tip in the first place is disingenuous. Plenty of Republicans have or are planning to travel to Syria to engage in peace talks. And being the hypocrites that they are, the talking heads have seized on the image of Pelosi in a headscarf because they think it will be divisive. Or make her look bad. Or something. It’s a lot of fuss over…nothing.

Especially when she donned it to enter a mosque, just as visitors to Italian churches must cover their shoulders and male visitors to synagogues often wear yarmulkes.

Oh yeah, and given, as Zuzu masterfully points out, that Laura Bush too has worn a headscarf when appropriate to show respect.

It’s a double hypocrisy whammy.


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