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Two Great Posts on Girls, Women, and Motherhood
March 26, 2007, 8:23 am
Filed under: civil rights, feminism/s & gender, laziness, news, reproductive justice, sexuality

After being out all day yesterday throwing a (successful) surprise 60th birthday party for my mom, I am running around trying to actually be a law student this morning. I’m hoping to post this afternoon, but in the meantime, keep yourselves busy with these two great posts about issues relating to pregnancy and motherhood.

Dr. B over at Bitch PhD. has a post up about the North Dakota legislature’s rejection of a law that would allow a pregnant teenager to go see a doctor for prenatal care without parental consent. Yep, you read that one right. Apparently, these young women who are, by the state’s estimation, too young to make decisions about abortion and so must become mothers if their parents refuse consent for an abortion, are also too young to decide to see a doctor to try and make sure that the fetus they are carrying becomes a healthy child. Dr. B. takes a good job tearing this situation apart.

Amanda Marcotte examines the changing conception of motherhood (no pun intended) from a requirement to a choice. The Guardian (UK) recently published an article that included interviews of three generations of women about reproduction, sexuality, and motherhood. Amanda picks apart the results and what they say about women in our society.

More from me later on today….


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