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Don’t Hear Much About Lawsuits Over Prison Conditions? There’s a Reason for That.
March 24, 2007, 7:57 am
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That reason? The Prison Litigation Reform Act (of course, the fact that the national media tends to ignore prison issues and criminal justice unless there is some sensationalistic element to the story doesn’t help).

The PLRA, passed in 1996, throws up numerous administrative barriers in the way of incarcerated men and women seeking to challenge their conditions of confinement. It also bars damages when men and women claim that their constitutional rights were violated, unless there is some physical manifestation of that abuse (e.g. they were consistently beaten up by guards and claim a violation of the 8th Amendment ban on cruel & unusual punishment).

But there’s a glimmer of hope. The American Bar Association recently passed a resolution urging Congress to amend the act. As Margo Schlanger and Giovanna Shay wrote in a column for TomPaine yesterday, it’s important that Congress heed the call.

Here’s why: The PLRA hides complaints from the public and the courts. By making it hugely difficult for incarcerated men and women to file complaints, the law makes it much less likely that violations of people’s constitutional rights by prison officials will be heard and addressed. As the TomPaine column makes clear, this is not an abstract concern:

n one Indiana case, a federal district court dismissed a case brought by a teenager who was raped and repeatedly beaten by other detainees. Although the young man’s mother had contacted facility staff, the Department of Corrections Commissioner, Indiana judges and the Governor, the court concluded that the PLRA required it to dismiss the claim because the victim had not himself filed a complaint within the facility. Institutional staff had instigated similar beatings, and the deadline for filing such grievances was only two business days. A Department of Justice investigation later confirmed that the facility failed to protect youth in its care, and that the grievance system at the facility was “dysfunctional.”

A federal court in Mississippi dismissed the claims of a number of male prisoners who were sexually assaulted by a corrections officer. The court concluded that the PLRA physical injury requirement precluded recovery, reasoning that sexual assault did not qualify as a physical injury within the meaning of the PLRA.

A federal appeals court overturned a jury award for a Jewish prisoner who was denied a kosher diet. The appellate court concluded that a violation of the First Amendment right to freedom of religion did not meet the PLRA physical injury requirement.

We have given up as a society on the idea of prison as rehabilitative (though we still call them “correctional” facilities). Even so, we cannot — constitutionally or morally — similarly give up on the men and women who are incarcerated. The PLRA as it now stands encourages us to do just that; it allows lawmakers and prison officials to sweep complaints and the rights of the men and women who make them, under the rug.


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http://www.petitiononline.com/9746RRSR/petition.html Her you will find hopw staff are murdering inmates cogent evidence in support.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 odericklor4/MURDERINGOFINMATESINOHIOSPRISONS/entries/2005/10/19/o.-s.-h.-p.-refu/59″ target=_blankREFU >
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
October 2005
/entries/2005/10/30/-jurist-hypocrisy/67″ target=_blanks.aol.com/rodericklor4/MURDERINGOFINMATESINOHIOSPRISONSJurist%20Hypocrisy” target=_blank
.com/rodericklor4/MURDERINGOFINMATESINOHIOSPRISONS/entries/2005/10/30/no-more-abu-ghraibs-take-action-against-torture-against-us-citizens-et.-al./66″ target=_blankAbu Ghraibs: Take action against torture AGAINST US CITIZENS, ET. AL.
Foot Dragging by U.S.Department of Justice concerning racism.
2005/10/19/reportedly-after-inmates-are-murdered-by-physical-abuse……/57″ target=_blankAL ABUSE……
contact-on-attemps-at-murder/56″ target=_blank%20FAILED%20TO%20CONTACT%20ON%20ATTEMPS%20AT%20MURDER” target=_blankCERNING%20 BANK%20ROBBERY%20SUSPECT,” target=_blank
s-who-kidnapped-brutalized-sexually-assaulted-my-ex-revealed./54″ target=_blank
To Bolster my claims of how corrupt the state of Ohio is…
or4/MURDERINGOFINMATESINOHIOSPRISONS/entries/2005/10/18/why-i-suspect-judge-glavis-may-have-put-a-hit-on-me./51″ target=_blankGlavis, may have put a hit on me.
nor-of-ohio-bob-taft.-lied-on-national-t.v./50″ target=_blank
.s.h.p.-highway-patrol.-to-cover-for-the-attempts-at-murder./48″ target=_blankCollusionary tactics of the O.S.H.P., Highway Patrol. To cover for the attempts at murder.
« October 2005 ArchiveWednesday, October 19, 2005
1:08:00 PM EDT
Feeling Frustrated
Hearing DAIMONS Edit Entry button entry-btn” name=””

One of the cumulative methods utilized to murder, or commit mayhem on inmates was through the pits of prunes. My discovery came about circa,1998. When I was dispensed just an 8 oz. glass of prune juice as a part of my medication regimen during my tenure at Marion C.I., Marion, Ohio. Excruciating pain through the chest and the abdomen ensued, pain totally foreign to me. In an effort to mitigate the pain, I stood from the wheelchair staff had rendered me to. And was nearly knocked back down. This prompted my researching the prunes content, leading me to an impasse. But then I realized the problem could stem from the pits of prunes. Which led to my discovery the pit of prunes have what is called Amygdalin Compound in them, a Cyanogenic. And according to my findings, can cause cyanide poisoning if ingested in large amounts. The stewing of prunes with the pits, some cracked, split, coupled with the application of heat. Would augment the concentration level of this compound, and with only an 8oz served me, for the ill effects to be so intense. One would have to conclude intent played a factor. Stewed prunes were listed on all the menus at several Ohio prisons, if not all. 3x weekly 365. However when I broached the dietitian at Marion, C.I. indicating my being poisoned by their method of preparation. She reported verbatim. “I don’t care if you are, that’s the way the doctor said he wanted it done, and that’s the way I’m going to do it!” Shocked at her caviler response, I reiterated. Again she responded .”I don’t care!” witnessed by several inmates I had recruited for just that purpose. Prompting my sending a letter of urgency to Central Office, Chief Inspector. Recounting the foregoing. Who apparently sent the dietitian and 5 other staff witnesses to my cell to deny the method of preparation of the prunes. alleging to pour cold water over whole prunes to make prune juice. The dietitian continued by stating. “I doubt if you found any seeds in them!” I countered, I anticipated your denial, pulling 6 prune seeds from the top of my bars and told the 5 staff witnesses who accompanied her. “Now all 5 of you who came to be her witness, you’re now my witnesses. These 5 staff members bolted for the door leaving the dietitian standing agape. I filed a grievance, and to my knowledge. the only thing that was done, the pitiless prunes were being served whole, and not stewed. I love prunes by reason they are said to be high in potassium, Hence my count of the number of seeds in one week would be as high as circa, 20-30 seeds. I was one inmate there are close to 2,000 per institution. So consider, Of those who consume the prunes. How many seeds per capita were found (of the alleged by staff.) to be form “The pitless variety.” And consider this too, stewed prunes were listed on all the menus, several institutions, if not all. For nearly a decade during my unwarranted tenure, and possibly a decade or more prior. Why then didn’t someone (staff) know about the amount of seeds found in them?? One must consider if you mistakenly do something to someone you apologize. But deceit fosters its familiar cousins….compunction, and lies.
ANOTHER ONE OF THE CUMULATIVE METHODS UTILIZED TO MURDER, OR ROB INMATES OF THEIR COGNIZANCE, WAS THE SWITCH/AND OR LACING OF INMATES MEDICATIONS In my case the medication dispensed was ostensibly, back pain medication in capsule form. However it caused acute pain in the brain during my tenure at T. O. C. I., Toledo Correctional Facility. I got a fellow inmate, Kriss Mylas.(He may be a resident of Toledo, Ohio) to test the medication, not telling him what to expect. Only, I needed a second opinion on it’s effectivity. After just 3 days, 2pills per day.Kriss complained of acute pain in the head, just as I had experienced…dosing ostensible back pain medication. Word got out Kriss availed me in my experiment, He was soon moved of the lock. Not long after he was sent to a mental institution where allegedly his family could not make sense of anything he said. Atypical of his behavior he was now drooling from the side of his mouth when he tried to speak. Prior to my leaving S. O. C. F. Lucasville, Oh. I interviewed veteran inmates for their opinion on several of the clearly detached inmates, as to their status upon arrival. Most all the inmates contend these detached men were fine upon their arrival to S. O. C. F. but for some reason they “snapped.” Some had lost total motor control, had to be wheeled in a wheelchair by staff, every where they went. I suspect what ever was being dispensed them, was dispensed to me as well, hence my 8 year prison tenure was nearly spent in a wheelchair. Notwithstanding my being ambulant upon my arrival.. One inmates pain was so intense He literally dove head first off a steel toilet onto theconcrete floor. When I queried him of his actions, He stated. “To make the pain go away.” [In his head.] It’s underwhelming, when we go after the likes of Saddam Hussein, for his alleged human rights violations. And in a wonderful country like ours, this cancer is permitted to thrive, and fester. THE HANGINGS YOU SO OFTEN HEAR ABOUT SOME OF THESE MEN AREN’T HANGING THEMSELVES. THEY GET THEIR NECKS BROKEN BY STAFF. By reason they continue to struggle while shackled hands and feet. Just like a staffer, having Rob in a head lock on the floor, (Rob was shackled.) Threatened to break inmate Rob’s neck. From that point I’ve conjectured. Once the inmate is murdered, medical staff confirm their demise. correctional staff hang the inmate corpse in an isolated cell. Assign an unsuspecting C.O. to that particular lock. S/He finds the body. writes up the report the inmate committed suicide. Some of the men who allegedly committed suicide were (some reportedly) solid men, I would have wagered my own life, they weren’t suicidal. AND I WOULDN’T HAVE LOST. All the denouncements in this text, I challenged staff to take a polygraph test to the contrary, and offered to pay out of pocket, including transportation fees, If they passed the test of not taking an active role in the murdering of inmates, or not being privy to the murders of inmates by O. D. R. C. staff. THAT CHALLENGE IS STILL OPEN TO VETERAN STAFFERS WHO CAN DEBUNK MY DENOUNCEMENTS IN THIS JOURNAL, OR PASS THE SAID TEST. I CAN ASSURE YOU THE PUBLIC READERS, YOU WILL NOT FIND ONE, VETERAN STAFF MEMBER, THAT WILL ACCEPT THE FOREGOING CHALLENGE.
Be sure to view archives.
Please sign petition, to put a stop to these murders by prison staff.

Comment by Roderick P. Robinson, Sr.

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Hello people9263ff6b1e91da571e36d24b6d32a59d

Comment by Hello people

prison gaurds tryed to get me to sign over my pareting rights to his sister and he did with 3 othere gaurds make me sign over my half of mine and his sisters house its still in litigation but im doing this pro se and its tough

Comment by shan chilcott

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