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Prisons Can be Funny (so can Evangelicals!)

Stephen Colbert has two amazing “the Word” segments up from this week – both touching on the issues I blog about. I can’t embed them because wordpess won’t let me (damn you wordpress!), but I’ve provided links. Click them.

The first is a really biting critique of South Carolina’s new plan to let incarcerated men and women out of prison earlier….if they donate their organs…while they’re alive. I’m serious. Apparently a kidney gets you 180 days fewer in prison. Here’s the video.

The second “Word” – which aired just last night – goes after Daddy Dobson et al., who are angry at the new leader of the organization of American Evangelical churches (that’s not the official title) because he cares about issues like global warming and poverty instead of just abortion and gay marriage. Doesn’t he know that global warming doesn’t get people scared and to the polls? Colbert exposes the ridiculousness of that stance here.

Hat tip to SF for the link.

Update: Mysticist, a reader and sibling of SF, has informed me that the hat-tip was misplaced. He has requested the following correction: “Hat tip to mysticist for the link. Huge wag of a huger finger to SF for, like a petty thief, stealing the fire from his brother.” Done. Hat-tipped, finger-wagged.


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On the theme of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound flesh,” why not reinstate the barter system and do away with incarceration altogether. Perhaps something fit for the occasion:

Thumbs up for Shylock,
Thumbs off for lock-up.
Why filch or steal when
Your neighborhood Best Buy
Takes an eye for a hi-fi,
And Rodney’s Local Liquors
Trades livers for rum.
It’s the penal system’s Zero-Sum.
So why take time off
When removing body parts
Stops crime before it starts.

Comment by Swampcracker

Let us not forget that government officials in China are harvesting organs from prisoners – whom they execute first (but not necessarily since there no human rights observors allowed in China) … so South Carolina is not that far behind. Unthinkable just a few years ago. Chilling and not funny at all despite my clumsy attempt at satire.

Comment by Swampcracker

Perhaps we call the place “South Chinalina.”

Comment by Swampcracker

Now THAT is funny…..and still so sad.

Comment by bean

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