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Dear Mr. Chairman…
March 17, 2007, 2:52 am
Filed under: civil rights, media, news, politics, sexuality

Tom Toles, the Washington Post’s home cartoonist who is syndicated around the country, hits it out of the park today with a cartoon that isn’t so much about satire or laughs as it is about hard hitting politics. Toles has got something to say to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who the other day said that he thought homosexuality was immoral and akin to adultery — for which he has since refused to apologize.

Toles retorts:


Yep, that about covers it.


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yeah, i really enjoyed that too. there was a cool ACT UP action on thurs in times sq calling for Pace’s removal too. check it:

it brought together the head of the national gay and lesbian taskforce (who got arrested), larry kramer (one of the founders of act up) and mcgreevey. a weird group of folks to be sure, but it felt a little bit like progress to have all those folks in the same place and working together…

Comment by maxwell

there was also a 100 ft pride flag and chants:

“Pace is immoral. Gays are fabulous!”


Comment by maxwell

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