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I’m Alive!
March 16, 2007, 1:50 am
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Sorry for falling off the face of the earth everyone. The internet hasn’t been working in our hotel. In the whole hotel. Which I booked specifically because it had internet access in the rooms.

Anyway, we’ve been in Russia for about 2.5 days now, and let me tell you, it is a strange strange place.

More to come in a longer post this evening (right now we are off to the Hermitage), but first, a story: our first night here, we went out to dinner with SF’s friends with whom we were staying in Moscow (we are now in St. Petersburg). After dinner, we went to Red Square, which is incredible at night (photos to come too). As we approached the Square, one friend, G, handed all of his money but a couple of small bills to his girlfriend, K. In Moscow, everyone who is not a native Moscovite is required to register with the city within 48 hours of arriving. His registration had gotten mucked up because of changes to the registration system. He was worried that the police would stop him and request a bribe since he didn’t have his registration card with him. So he gave her all of his money just in case.

Sure enough, as we approached the gate into Red Square, two policemen approached us and asked (in Russian, which G, an American journalist, speaks) for our identification and registration status. We dutily handed over our passports, which showed that we had arrived only that morning. K handed over her registration card and passport. G was out of luck. The police talked to him for several minutes, grilling him about why he did not have his passport or registration. He pulled out his wallet and showed how empty it was. They shook hands and off we went.

That’s just a taste. This is one crazy place. More details later, after a day of art.


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