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Newsflash: Ann Coulter is a Bigot
March 3, 2007, 10:11 am
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The blogosphere is in an uproar over some comments Ann Coulter made yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), former Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Vice President Dick Cheney all attended.

Here’s what she said:

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards.”

Seriously. When was the last time you heard someone outside of grade school use that word?

Towleroad, which calls itself a blog with homosexual tendencies, notes that this is not the first time Coulter has called a Democratic leader a “faggot” — she used the same word to refer to Al Gore in July.

Coulter likes to stoke controversy using hate — remember her first post-9/11 column? — and here she has done it again.

Human Rights Campaign is calling on all of the Republican presidential candidates in attendance yesterday and on Vice President Cheney to denounce Coulter. It’s really the least they could do. I think we should *all* call for Fox News to cancel her upcoming “news/comedy” show, The 1/2 Hour News Hour. Giving her (and Rush Limbaugh) an even more public pedestal is encouraging for hate.

Here’s the contact info for FoxNews. Let them know what you think of Ann Coulter.




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I choose to ignore wingnut sneer-n-jeerism not from a desire to restore civility but for another reason. Frankly there is money to be made in acting the role of cyber-crasshole (please note use of new neologism). It is a neat little racket: Those who love them pump up their ratings; those who hate them pump up their ratings. Why play this silly, stupid little game?

Along similar lines, Echidne posted an article yesterday on “Glenn Beckisms” (Link: http://echidneofthesnakes.blogspot.com). In response, I left this comment:

“Logic is not what Glenn Beck is about, or the Counter Coulter, or the Jingo Limbo. Wingnut commentary is big business just like Monday night wrestling and the Jerry Springer show. The bigger the mouth (and the higher the ratings), the more money they make. I choose to ignore them, in part, because their content offends more than it informs. But I ignore them for one more reason: Paying attention feeds the Beast. With no audience to praise or condemn them, they would simply become irrelevant and fade away, and that would please me most of all.”

Comment by Swampcracker

While I agree with you that getting angry about Coulter et al tends to feed the beast, I am not sure the alternative silence is much better. Shouldn’t we condemn their racism, sexism, and homophobia? I don’t necessarily think that doing so is dignifying their behavior/speech. Even if we were silent, that audience would still be there….

Comment by bean

Quite right: They are worthy of condemnation. But wingnuts will not go away no matter what we do. Money feeds their narcissism, and publicity of all types (praise or derision) rings their cash register. The Counter-Coulter acts like the coarsest drunk in the tavern while putting on a demure appearance; she seems more eccentric and pathetic than dangerous. While I do believe she is a disturbed personality, what would be the point? I choose to ignore the beast, not feed it.

I am also looking at her behavior from another perspective. The blogger at ThoughtCrimes (http://www.thoughtcrimes.org/s9/index.php?url=archives/1726-Of-bloggers-and-bigots.html#feedback) takes a position that the Left should treat the Right with the same invective as if those were indeed the rules of the game. I disagree. I prefer traveling the high ground and keeping within character. I would rather suffer an indignity than loose credibility. Otherwise I would become indistinguishable from them.

Comment by Swampcracker

i’m not sure that condemnation always feeds the beast. when pat robertson started asking god for the deaths of supreme court justices and calling out hits on south american heads of state people took notice and major networks acknowledged his idiocy. when people on the right do something outrageous and stupid i think that compelling mainstream newsources to cover that stupidity can sometimes be a good thing.

Comment by maxwell

Condemnation might work on Robertson, but the Counter-Coulter has the immune system of a vulture.

Comment by Swampcracker

that is because she *is* a vulture, or at least exhibits vulture like tendencies.

Comment by bean

Bean: “vulture like tendencies”
If the Counter-Coulter is anything (no joking or invective here), she probably exhibits antisocial tendencies according to DSM-IV criteria: behavior beyond accepted social norms, no capacity for an empathic emotional response to the suffering of others, a facility to inflict hurt without conscience or remorse, an inability to learn from one’s own behaviors. Not all socipaths are lawbreakers. Some make very good CEOs. Or a disturbed wingnut like AC. Still, I maintain it is waste of time fixating on her behavior or trying to censor her. She will never change, and we should spend our time where it really counts … trying to undo the injustices that keep piling up.

Comment by Swampcracker

Swampcracker, I have been thinking about the Coultergeist a lot this weekend, and I have come to this conclusion: What’s upsetting about the whole episode is not only what she said (which we should expect from her at this point) but also — or even more so — the applause that her comment got. People seemed surprised at first, but then they applauded. Which makes me think…who the hell are these people?! And why do they think it’s funny/laudable that Coulter just called a man who is not gay the F-word?

Comment by bean

Bean, I do know how you feel about this. Last year, AC accused the WTC widows of profiteering from their husbands’ deaths. That was truly despicable and unconscionable, and deserving of the harshest condemnation. Justified.

Somehow, calling a politician a stupid name is just juvenile. One commentator at Echidne’s site said: “Ann Coulter pushes your button and you react” (anonymouse). Another commentator described her as a “performer” whose medium is outrage.” Of course, the more offended we become, the more AC raises the outrage ante.

She goads you into playing a game to get your get goat. So again, I ask: Why play her game? Why let her get your goat? Why not play your own game, or change the rules?

Echidne had an interesting comment: “My post isn’t really about Ann Coulter, but about how the media treats people with her opinions, and that is with kid gloves.”

While I see her point, I am stuck on it at the same time. Problem is: The media rationalizes their “dumbed down” coverage as market-driven. Perhaps Echidne is right about holding media more accountable. But how will we do that? Big question!!

Comment by Swampcracker

FYI: The Conservative movment seems to be getting fed up too. Appartantly there is a letter going around that condemns AC for unbecoming behavior. It remains to be seen how many conservatives sign. Check it out for whatever it is worth:

Comment by Swampcracker

Come on people. We went through this same thing with the african american civil rights movement. Now you people who were against african american’s rights are against gay rights. People, there are more pressing issues in the world such as the price of gas and the fact that we have the technology to turn to alternative fuel yet the president and republicans refuse to, and will not acknowledge global warming as a real alarming issue that needs to be addressed. We also have this issue of the damn war in iraq that we wast billions on each day….millions even as I write this message. that could be used to provide health care for all, education for all our children and to fix up the inner cities. But no, we have to bitch about gay marriage and gay rights. Come on people. get a life and get over it. Gays, just like blacks will be here forever and deserve as equal rights as everyone else. GET OVER IT and move on to bigger issues that Bush and the republicans are screwing up.

Comment by Jeff

Please people Boycott Ann Coulter and her book. Don’t get sucked into her whirlwind of bigotry and hate.

Comment by Jeff

Jeff, I agree with you that there are more important things than Ann Coulter’s hatefulness, but I’m not clear on what you are saying. I think gay rights is of central importance. Yes, there is a war that must be stopped and there is global warming. These are issues of utmost importance. But their existence doesn’t make civil rights and liberties at home any less important.

Do I misunderstand you?

Comment by bean

Jeff, all these issues are important. There should be no battle-front triage here. Once we compromise on violations of civil rights, violations of civil liberties, and violations of our constitution, then it is only a matter of time before democracy itself is at risk (and many, including myself, would say that it is gravely at risk).

Bean: The above link may justify your point about condemning AC’s behavior, and I would gladly concede the point.

Comment by Swampcracker

Ads at Ann’s website canned by Fannie Mae, Verizon, NetBank, and Washington Mutual. Here is some links:



No gloating, please. Late last night, the Counter-Coulter was rushed into emergency surgery. It seems she had a crasshole transplant, and the crasshole rejected her. Prognosis uncertain.

Comment by Swampcracker

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