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The Big Blog Moment
March 1, 2007, 11:09 pm
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A Bird and a Bottle is growing, but I remain a small fry blogger.

Which is why I was so excited to see this over at Slate in reference to this post:

At a Bird and a Bottle, a feminist and politics blog, twentysomething New Yorker Bean trounces Sessions Stepp’s findings. “For someone who calls herself a feminist, as the author does, her arguments sound suspiciously like Eric Keroack’s. …Why the assumption that hookup culture may not sometimes be damaging for men and gravy for women?”

Some blogs call this blogwhoring. I don’t like that term (the connotations of “whore” and all – and I don’t think this is a subversive use). I’ll just call it blogsturbation. And I have to say, it feels pretty damn good.


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haha!! kudos to you! and i love the new word you coined. i will have to try to work it into some conversation soon! i agree with you — blogwhoring is not a subversive use; and, even if it were, it’s way too ugly and negative. your word is sooo much more fun!

Comment by ricky vermont


Comment by d

woohoo! (and hilarious)

crass question: if you post was blogsturbation, does that make our comments a cyber circle jerk?

Comment by professorplum

professor plum, that is dirty. But funny. And Ricky, I do hope you use it in some conversation…though you’ve got to be ready to explain its genesis since it’ll probably catch people off guard. You can also use the term “clitzpa,” proposed in an earlier post on this blog.

Comment by bean

Cyber circle jerk = Blogasm
Clever ping-back = Cunning pinguist
Cyber-Crasshole (self explanatory)

Comment by Swampcracker

Those are good, Swampcracker…now the question is how many of them can I work into my posts and comments?

Comment by bean

I think “blogasm” is the least sexist and offers the most flexibility in usages like “group blogasm” (I also like “gang pluck” to borrow from Molly Ivins), or “autoerotic blogasm” (a term for commentators without partners). “Cyber-crasshole” applies to the “sneer-n-jeer” crowd but can also apply to Echidne’s term “troll,” i.e., anti-feminist gnomes who haunt feminist blogs or the idiot who orders take-out pizza from your blogsite thereby trivializing your content. If I think of more, you’ll be the first … how does it feel to be in the vanguard of neologisms?

Comment by Swampcracker

I agree that blogasm is the least sexist (though asshole technically could be gender neutral too, if it did not have such male connotations in its colloquial use). As a woman I have to say that I like the second one — if for no other reason than that it equates cleverness with female pleasure.

Comment by bean

I love a good blog circle-jerk and I join as often as I can! Good job on the Slate mention. You are a very nice little blog and it’s nice to see credit for a job well-done. I remember how excited I was when I got my first link. Maybe I need to get out more.

Comment by Tanya

[…] The word, coined by yours truly, seems to be taking hold. […]

Pingback by a bird and a bottle

Congratulations, Bean. It’s always good to be noticed by a big player…

I don’t call that blog whoring, because I reserve the term for something instigated by the blogger. When I placed a link to an anti-Edwards post on Amanda’s “I got hired by the Edwards campaign” thread and got something like a thousand extra hits out of it, I blog whored. When Slate notices you and talks about you, you’re not blog whoring.

Comment by Alon Levy

Fair enough. Though I still think blogsturbating works. I trumpeted the Slate thing because it felt pretty damn good.

Do you think Blogsturbating and blogwhoring have different uses?

Comment by bean

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