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Haikus for Repro Justice
March 1, 2007, 12:10 pm
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Yale Law Prof Jack Balkin thinks the haiku is the “academic soundbite of our times.” He takes up Jim Gibbon’s challenge in the academic haiku contest to summarize one’s latest academic work (article, dissertation, etc.) in a seven syllable verse.

Here’s what he comes up with (to represent this article about abortion and original intent):

Original meaning,
The Living Constitution,
Are one and the same.

Abortion bans are
Compulsory motherhood,
Class legislation.

Brilliant. I’m still working on mine.


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hilarious stuff
thanks for this excellent post
can’t sum up thesis

Comment by professorplum

Ok ok you shamed me into it. Here’s mine:

thanks much for the praise
High Court should protect pregnancy
stop prosecutions.

(does that second line work?)

Comment by bean

haikus are tricky
single syllable too long
close enough, let’s eat

slept in, need to work
off to research abstract film
art and cinema

Comment by professorplum

Damn. I was thinking you could just swallow the last syllable of “pregnancy”. Guess not. Ok, here goes one more time:

I fight for women
health pregnancy and rights
women not vessels.

Comment by bean

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