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From the Department of Outrageous Ironies
February 24, 2007, 8:29 am
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ACSBlog reports:

A pastor who called on gays and lesbians to reject a “sinful, destructive lifestyle,” is asserting that he had a constitutional right to seek sex with a man. Rev. Lonnie W. Latham was charged with a misdemeanor after he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover policeman. Latham is now asserting that the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas grants him a constitutional right to ask men for sex. A brief filed by the ACLU argues that the pastor’s solicitation of oral sex is also protected by the First Amendment.

Latham had previously served as pastor of the South Tulsa Baptist Church and as a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. He resigned after his arrest.

I wonder how many times we will read about incidences like this (Ted Haggard, etc.) before people tone down their hateful rhetoric. I think it won’t happen until hateful speech (as opposed to hate speech, mind you) becomes less politically powerful. But it’s cyclical. These leaders of the Evangelical community have tremendous power and huge congregations. They use it to make congregants afraid of gay people and women so those conregants go out and vote Republican. And then such speech is proven politically powerful, the pastors like the favors they curry from their power, and they continue to spout the anti-gay and anti-woman stuff.

While I appreciate that the ACLU is representing this guy, I can’t help but snicker a little at his misfortune.


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Like the Democrats use the ‘Black Vote’. Both parties use the same handbook, just different names and labels.

Comment by madmouser

Certainly both parties turn to their blocs. But the Democrats do not use such hateful speech to mobilize people. Note the difference between “We support raising the Minimum Wage” with “Gay people/women who have abortions are going to hell and are living in sin.” Not exactly the same thing is it?

Comment by bean

“I can’t help but snicker a little at his misfortune.”
Neither can I. What hypocrites. The sad thing is that I’m sure the closeted homosexuality he hoped to repress was one of the things that sent him down the fundamentalist, gay-bashing route in the first place. He (and all too many other homophobes) seem to be following the time-worn dictum: “hate thy neighbor as thyself.”

Comment by professorplum

The crazy thing to me (besides the obvious) is that these men are going to such EXTREMES – I mean, being covertly gay must happen all the time, but being in the position of being apprehended with undercover cops? What kind of sketchy situation does that require?

Anyway, see you soon! I”m very excited for tomorrow –

Comment by milbydaniel

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