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Another Pregnancy Myth Busted
February 13, 2007, 3:43 pm
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, food, news, reproductive justice

Add this one to the list of myths about pregnancy that have been debunked in recent months.


The NY Times reports today that a Danish study shows no negative effects from moderate caffeine intake during pregnancy (1-2 cups per day).

Though the researchers are quick to point out that their study does not show caffeine use to be harmless, but rather that there does not seem to be a difference with regard to birth weight between babies born to women who drink some coffee and those who drink none.

Studies like this are important, I think, in that they show how overwrought the dialog about pregnancy can be in this country. We often assume – particularly when pregnancy is involved – that causation is the same as correlation. We hold pregnant women to an unreachable standard of perfection, requiring them to be above the human vices with which many of us struggle (whether it be caffeine or cocaine).

This study, though not earth shattering, might just help us keep our feet better grounded in reason and our heads clearer next time we hear about some pregnancy prohibition that is said to be in the name of fetal health.

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