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People, Vagina is Not a Dirty Word
February 8, 2007, 3:09 pm
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, frivolity

Jessica’s got a post up at Feministing about a Florida theater that will be staging “The Hoohah Monologues.”

Why, one might ask, must the theater use childish slang instead of the correct scientific word for a part of women’s anatomy?

Because apparently women’s anatomy is offensive.

So let me get this straight. It’s ok to call someone a “dick” or to say they’ve “got balls,” but we can’t say the word vagina!?! Because it offends someone that she might have to explain what that is to her niece!?

I am offended that she had to explain the word too, though I am sure for a different reason. Which is this: Why is it offensive to explain to a young girl that a vagina is what she has “down there” and that it’s ok to have one and to feel good about that. And that vagina is not a dirty word. Why the hell aren’t kids learning either from parents or in school about their bodies and those of others in a way that does not stigmatize or denigrate them?

And we wonder why so many young women do not like their bodies….


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i’m so glad you wrote about this! i got the CNN video from a friend this morning. it’s a sad story, but the theater owner made me laugh:

Comment by maxwell

the irony is just devastating.

Comment by professorplum

I’ve seen this blogged about all over today and I’m just disgusted by it. I really, truly do not understand this.

Why doesn’t her niece *already* know what a vagina is? That’s what makes me upset about her having to explain it. If she can read it, she should know what the hell it is!

Comment by Denise

Check out the musical ‘Spring Awakening’– it addresses the dire repercussions of not educating our children about what their parts are and what they do. (And there’s singing and dancing too!)

Comment by KMZ

and on stage masturbation as I understand it…. No wonder it’s been so popular!

Comment by bean

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