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Busy Day Link Round Up
February 8, 2007, 11:39 am
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, law, news, politics, reproductive justice

The next few days will be pretty quiet around these parts, since I will be out of town and have very limited internet access. I will likely have a guest poster over the weekend, but even so posting will be limited.

In anticipation of this, here are some interesting links to give you something to chew on til Tuesday.

The female current and former Supreme Court Justices (all two of them) reflect on feminism and the high court.

Obama will forgo public campaign funding, but urges the ultimate Dem. and GOP candidates to set a ceiling on their own spending.

Are women having too many cesareans? The debate continues over at AlterNet.

Culture Kitchen has a roundup of reactions to the furor over two feminist progressive bloggers who have taken posts at the Edwards campaign.

Most women rightly consider EC safe and effective.

MilbyDaniel comments on Gloria Steinem’s NYT Op-Ed deconstructing the whole Clinton v. Obama (White woman v. Black man) thang.

A Michigan Professor is fired for being trans. Denise takes it apart.

Bush’s plan for immigration: make it too expensive for all but the wealthy.

Have a great weekend. Don’t miss me too much.


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Thanks for linking. For some reason, however, the link doesn’t work.

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