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Fighting an uphill battle
January 30, 2007, 8:47 pm
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, frivolity

Sigh. Sometimes, like when I see ads like this, I feel like we feminists are fighting such an uphill battle.

Apparently the Mercedes this ad is promoting has 8 airbags (get it?) to keep you safe in a crash. That’s nice and all, but after seeing this, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that car.

Via Feminist Law Professors.


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eww. did they hire hooters to design this?

it’s not even witty. it’s just lazy.

Comment by maxwell

An improbable composition, it appears to be an airbrush job. BTW, I counted nine airbags.

Comment by Jeff Berger

Shouldn’t it be called S-Classless?

Comment by KMZ

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You are too too right, KMZ.

Comment by bean

Not with 8 airbags you won’t be caught dead… er, never mind. Bad joke.

I commented on this sick ad when I first saw it at Feminist Law Profs.

Comment by Denise

Don’t worry – I was trying to make that bad joke. We must have similar senses of humor. 🙂

Comment by bean

thats sexual man

Comment by funnn. Buddie

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