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Now Global Warming is hitting where it hurts
January 27, 2007, 4:19 pm
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So, global warming (or as Bush euphemistically called it in the State of the Union Address, “climate change”) is doing some pretty nasty stuff to the planet. Retreating glaciers (I’m told that glaciers retreat — they do not, technically speaking, melt), changing migration patterns, rising water levels. It’s bad news.

And it just got even worse. Global warming is now coming after wine. As the L.A. Times reports (via Gothamist), Scandinavian regions (and others far north) that have lon been too cold for winemaking, have started producing the good grape stuff. Other, warmer, regions, are producing wines that have much higher alcohol content (because of the increased heat). As Gothamist tells it:

In 50 years, Bordeaux may have a climate similar to that of Languedoc in the south of France.

Cue doomsday music.

But seriously, folks, this affects all of us, even those who are not wine drinkers.

Even slight climate changes can have drastic effects on wine, which makes it the harbinger for global warmings effect on what we eat and drink. By the end of the century, global warming may decrease the areas in the U.S. in which wine can be produced by 81%. In California, the current weather is considered optimal for wine production. But in 50 years, Napa may be as hot as Lodi in the Central Valley is right now. Germany may be producing merlot and cabernet france, instead of the rieslings, pinot gris and pinot noir to which the country is currently suited.

It’s not just wine that will be affected. As we’ve seen this week, changing weather can have a huge impact on fruits and vegetables, and on cattle and other animals. Maybe if crazy hurricanes and snow free New York winters are not enough to get people/the government to do something about global warming,* their grumbling bellies and wine-free meals finally will.

* I know that the President mentioned ethanol and climate change in the SOTU. But I’m skeptical that it will lead to any real change.


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This has gone too far. I was ok with drowning polar bears, but Bordeaux turned to Languedoc? That’s where I draw the line.
Clearly, it’s time to stock my cellar. And, given rising water levels, I should probably move my cellar to higher ground…

Comment by professorplum

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