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Yet Another Reason to have Little Confidence in U.S. Elections.
January 25, 2007, 11:58 am
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How long until we call in neutral election observers to monitor U.S. elections?

The Houston Chronicle reported today that two election officials in were convicted of rigging a Cuyahoga County, Ohio vote recount in the 2004 presidential election in order to avoid further review of the county’s election results. The two women, Jacqueline Maiden and Kathleen Dreamer were each convicted of two counts, one felony and one misdemeanor.

And here’s the kicker: They’re still working for the elections board.

As you may remember, Ohio ‘s vote results gave the presidency to Bush in 2004, much to the shock and chagrin of about 49% of the country. Many people, including Shakespeare’s Sister, believed that Kerry should have pushed for a full recount in Ohio. Some, like me, felt a little betrayed when he didn’t. We wanted him to fight harder, though we also (maybe) understood his desire to be conciliatory. But he didn’t push, and the Dems haven’t fought (at least not enough) against electronic voting machines manufactured by Republican donors that leave no paper trail.

If we want our elections to have any legitimacy, we’ve got to change all of this – the partisanship of local Boards of Elections, the way contracts for voting technologies are awarded, the procedures for securing a recount. Either that, or get ready for international observers at American elections.

Via Raw Story.


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Great post. This reminds me of my friend’s reaction to the 2000 election:

The son of an ex-president (and former CIA director) wins a tight race in the state where his brother is governor? In any other country they’d immediately ask: who’s side is the military on?

Comment by professorplum

I’ll be covering this issue in the book I mentioned to you. Stay tuned …

Comment by Jeff Berger

I look forward to reading it, Jeff!

Comment by bean

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