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Celebrations of Roe around the Web
January 22, 2007, 10:54 am
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As much as I can throughout the day, I’ll be posting different pro- abortion rights perspectives from around the web. Here are a few to get it started:

* NARAL Pro-Choice America head Nancy Keenan at TomPaine writes that Americans are sick of the divisiveness surrounding abortion and want common sense policy.

* Over at AlterNet, Michele Kort’s got stories of women before Roe.

* Ms. Magazine continues its “I Had an Abortion” Petition.

* Santa Cruz, CA becomes a pro-choice city. Officially. (via Jill).

* Paul Krugman criticizes Bush’s healthcare solution ($) (reproductive justce, people).

* Denise at Life, Law, Gender puts in her two cents.

More to come throughout the day. You can also check out all the bloggers for choice at Bush v. Choice.

UPDATE: (11:45AM)

* Pro-Choice Education Project‘s Mary Mahoney on what it means to grow up in post-Roe America.

* Choice for all over at Shakespeare’s Sister (a sister blog in Virginia Woolf inspired blog names).

UPDATE 2: (1:55PM)

* Jill at Feministe has a great post full of links to other blog for choice day and articles about abortion rights.

UPDATE 3: (3:45PM)

* Yale Law Prof Jack Balkin on the jurisprudential past and political future of abortion rights.

* The lovely Bitch Ph.D (whose link has helped the readership of this blog skyrocket) on personal histories, pregnancy and birth control.

* Maia at Alas, a blog has more on what being pro-choice means to her.

* Last but not least, Shark-Fu tells us all, “Let’s Talk About Sex.” 


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It’s amazing what happens when Bitch Ph.D waves her magic wand, ain’t it?

We both owe that girl a drink!

Comment by kelley bell

Found an interesting thread on a connection between abortion rights and gay rights. Here is the link: http://www.unfogged.com/archives/week_2007_01_21.html#006148

Comment by Jeff Berger

RH Reality Check participated in Blog for Choice Day too!


Love your site.


Comment by Tyler LePard

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