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Language and Gender, part deux.
January 20, 2007, 10:46 pm
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I previously posted on the search for a female/feminist analog to the slang “ballsy,” suggesting my friend D’s term “clitty.”

Tonight I heard, from Allison, another great option that mixes my feminist and Jewish identities: clitzpa. So whether you are clitty or have clitzpa – or both, and that means you too male readers – you now have one fewer reason to use a male term to signify strength and the willingness to take risks.


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Great word! I’m a feminist Jew too, it’s fun to make up new words. But you gotta admit, some of the old ones are pretty fab too. Right now my favorite word to reclaim is the Yiddish “Balebusta,” translated to homemaker, lady of the house.
Say it in a Brooklyn accent and it almost sounds like “ball bustah.” Yeah!

Comment by dlatman

“Clitzpa” — I love it! I feel there should be a Wikipedia article devoted to this.

Off to share…

Comment by literatilust

i’ve also heard “egg”… like she’s got eggs.

Comment by Corinne

[…] on January 22nd, 2007. Have you got clitzpa? (Warning. Don’t click on the link if you find words related to women’s bodies […]

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Well I think you have a lot of “Clitzpa” just for posting this.

Next time you hear a guy boasting that he’s ballsy or using some other “near penis” reference; tell him they EAT that in China, Vietnam and elsewhere….

I Have Eaten A Pack of Dogs and a Flock of Crow but “Hold the Penis”


Comment by johnib

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Comment by Yhanks you

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