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Other Bits & Pieces from Day 1
January 19, 2007, 10:39 pm
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Great dinner tonight with Jessica, Amanda, BFP, Aimee Thorne-Thompson, Executive Director of the Pro-Choice Education Project, and plugged in feminist activist and fellow New Yorker Lauren. Over so-so burgers, we discussed race, sex, gender, poverty, sexuality, feminism (and other isms), politics, blogging. It was exactly the kind of conversation I came here for, and after a day of listening (to some really amazing women), I was excited/relieved to be actively engaging and unpacking our reactions to the day.

Ok, enough. A few more odds and ends to round out the day:

Changing paradigms: moving from dirty or clean people to people using substances and people in recovery; shifting from pro-choice/pro-life to “pro-you” (thanks to NAPW’s Matrice for that term).

Telling it like it is: best rejected book title ever goes to Erica Lyon: If You’re Pregnant, You’ve Been Fucked. (Actual title at publication: The Big Book of Birth.)

Encapsulating what this conference is about (thanks to the amazing Loretta Ross): “Affirming the human right to healthy sexuality.” (check out SisterSong’s website for more info on their upcoming “Let’s Talk About Sex” conference).

Best Factoid (besides the whole orgasms during birth/labor/breastfeeding thing): Tony Blair recently advocated for more home childbirth because it can help keep healthcare costs down. Though the US and UK seem to be so lockstep militarily these days, on some issues the differences remain stark.

More to come from what is sure to be another full day tomorrow….


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Wahoo! I love all this coverage, thank you thank you for documenting and I will be a reader from here on out! LL

Comment by FellowNewYorkerLauren

Hi boys!86d6916a4a66e7f802bc4626549bf9d3

Comment by http://mama.indstate.edu/users/vikram/00016.html

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