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January 15, 2007, 10:59 pm
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This image accompanies an article about Greenland in Tuesday’s NY Times:

The caption reads:

” A penisula long thought to be part of Greenland’s mainland turned out to be an island when a glacier retreated. ”

And I think:

Retreated!?!? It’s called MELTING. It’s what happens when the earth’s temperature rises and New York City (among many other places) sees no snow for the first month of winter (much longer than usual).  Retreat does make it sound like the glacier has lost a battle – which in truth it has. But it also makes it sound like the glacier could really put up a fight.


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The latest on melting icebergs, just reported yesterday, now say that they are melting as much as five times faster than predicted. The key-word is exponential!

Comment by Carlos Norberto Mugrabi

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