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And Here I Thought that the Anti-Abortion Rights Movement Couldn’t Get Any Crazier
December 21, 2006, 11:13 am
Filed under: feminism/s & gender, law

Above the Law reports that a woman has filed a class action lawsuit against planned parenthood…for failure to warn that the fetus she sought t0 – and did – abort was a “complete human being.”

I shit you not.

The case summary includes this bizarre claim:

As a result of the counseling, assertions and representations of the Planned Parenthood personnel and various Defendants, [Doe] underwent an abortion that day. Her unborn infant, Michael Doe, died as a result of the abortion procedure.

Um…that’s what they call it an abortion.

This lawsuit, besides being just plain old ridiculous, is bad policy. And beyond that, it makes women look stupid. I mean, there are certain things you understand when you seek an abortion, including that the fetus will no longer be viable afterwards. Lawsuits like this just encourage the belitting of women that is inherent in waiting periods and “informed consent” provisions.

Let’s hope the judge throws this one right out. If not, it’ll not only be bad for the anti-women crew, but also bad for women themselves.


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