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A Sad Day
December 18, 2006, 9:43 pm
Filed under: food

It’s been a while since I posted any food news or views. That’s mostly because I have been eating takeout or pre-cooked Fresh Direct food for the past couple of weeks while studying. Very little going out. Even less cooking.

But when I read this today, I realized it was time for some food talk.

If Eater is in fact right and Shopsin‘s is closing, I will officially be in food mourning. How many other places have free candy, Connect Four, and a menu of over 1,000 choices? The answer is none.

Shopsin’s has been a west village staple for many years, and is the only place I know that can pull off lighthearted (the decor) and hardass (the rules) without losing its charm. If it is indeed closing and this is not just another silly rumor, it won’t be just another neighborhood place losing its war against gentrification. Ok, maybe it will. But this time, it really stings.

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[…] When Shopsin’s, my favorite quirky brunch spot with over 1,000 delicious choices on the menu, closed a couple of months ago, I was crushed. […]

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