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Stuffing Success!
November 24, 2006, 7:24 am
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As I have written before, I love stuffing. No Thanksgiving could be complete without it. I could take or leave the turkey, the cranberry sauce, even the mashed potatoes, so long as I have stuffing.

Yesterday, SF and I made stuffing from scratch (e.g. not out of the box) for the first time. Ever. (This is dedication, by the way, as SF has no special love for stuffing, but indulged me by throwing a Thanksgiving dinner party at his Berlin pad in order to create a reason to make a whole big vegetarian Thanksgiving meal centered around stuffing.) We took a trip to the local greenmarket yesterday morning and picked up beautiful farm-fresh acorn squashes, which we packed full with our stuffing.We used this recipe, replacing the pecans with walnuts and omitting the celery (accidentally), and we were thrilled with the results. Using good dark German wheat bread helped make sure the stuffing was tasty enough even though it didn’t soak up the meaty flavor from a roasting bird.

Our six German dinner guests seemed impressed. The rest of the meal was made up of sides: carrot ginger soup SF made from scratch (with a hand mixer, no less), two different arugula salads (one with Jerusalem artichokes and parmesan, and the other with apples and fennel), roasted mixed potatoes (beautiful sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, and gold potatoes), and brussels sprouts. This was all followed by a cheese course and the piece de resistance (I have no idea if that’s spelled correctly), homemade chocolate truffles from 100% cacao. Now that is dessert.

It was a true fall feast, and SF and I were thrilled to have a festive meal on Thanksgiving even far away from home. We were sure to send our guests home with tired, tipsy, and, like our squash, stuffed. In true American Thanksgiving style.

(PS: sorry about the lack of photos – I forgot to take them before we devoured the food.)


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wow! your german thanksgiving dinner sounds completely amazing! i’m glad you had such success.

Comment by --elizabeth

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