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Jerusalem Artichoke Appreciations
November 19, 2006, 12:05 pm
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Last year, Special Friend (SF) introduced me to the joys of Jerusalem artichokes (a.k.a. sunchokes), which bear that name despite the fact that they are neither artichokes nor from Jerusalem (the closest thing to artichokes from Jerusalem are artichokes alla judea, which are essentially just crispy fried artichokes). SF pureed them and roasted them, and served them with other vegetables, on salads, or with fish. I haven’t eaten sunchokes as much as I’d like to this fall (cooking time has been limited by schoolwork – see my introductory post), but I was recently treated to homemade Jerusalem artichoke soup by SF’s brother, who is an incredible cook and with whom I make a semi-weekly Greenmarket trip.

Because of my newfound love for this confusingly named food, I was thilled to see that Ganda at eat drink one woman also has a soft spot for these relatives of the sunflower. And not only that, but we also get our Jerusalem artichokes from the same local grower – Paffenroth Farms (though I buy at the Greenmarket stand and Ganda goes straight to the source). Ganda’s got a great Thanksgiving recipe for Jerusalem artichoke gratin. If I can find these sunchokes in Berlin, SF and I will have to make this incredibly rich (read: made with heavy cream) dish part of the meal of many sides.

(photo source)


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