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Berlin Bound
November 19, 2006, 9:34 pm
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As I have mentioned before, I am off to Berlin tomorrow (Monday) evening to see my SF (special friend for the unitiated).


The weather forecast in Berlin looks like this for the next week.

With showers (and no sun showers) for a week straight and sunset at 4:07PM, it doesn’t seem like the most appealing place to be this time of year. But Berlin is a great city — cheap, livable, and really thriving right now. The NY Times recently highlighted all three of these aspects of today’s Berlin in an article about street food in the city. Given my love for all things food, I will be sure to check out some of the places mentioned in the article. I have already been to the nan pizza place (yum), and SF and I are planning a trip to Dolores, the Mexican place covered in the article. Though I’m doubtful that Mexican food in Berlin can be any good, Dolores’s logo is an avocado, which is always a good sign.

Anyway, I will post from Berlin as much as possible (Bean from Berlin!). In the meantime, have a wonderful week and a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


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have a great trip

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