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Turkey-Free Turkey Day
November 17, 2006, 1:40 pm
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Who’s ready for some levity around here?

This year will be a very unconventional Thanksgiving for me. I will be out of the country, visiting a special friend (SF) in Berlin, Germany. As said SF is fishetarian (a fish-eating vegetarian), Thanksgiving will be turkey-free. This, of course, poses the question: How can I work my beloved stuffing into a Turkey-free Thanksgiving with my beloved?

I see several options:

1) have stuffing with tofurkey. This is emphatically not an option of SF and me, since fake meat does not cross our liberal lips.

2) have a carb-full feast. megnut recommends mushroom risotto or winter squash lasgna as two tasty and satisfying vegetarian Thanksgiving entrees. But given that I refuse to go without said stuffing, this will result in a meal better fit for someone about to run a marathon than two people about to…um…go for a walk or something.

3) have a meal entirely made up of side dishes (stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans).

4) do something else altogether.

Anyone have ideas?


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definitely #3. the sides are the best part, and stuffing comes out better when you bake it alone rather than getting all soggy in the turkey anyway…

Comment by sarah

I find Tofurkey kind of disgusting, so I just make all the sides. You can buy excellent vegetarian gravy, or make your own using vegetable boullion, which is nice on the stuffing and the potatoes. I sometimes make lasagna or a bean dish as well as the “main course.”

Comment by Ann Bartow

thanks for the suggestions! seems like lots of sides is the winner so far. I hadn’t thought of vegetarian gravy – that’s a great idea. Happy Thankgiving, everyone.

Comment by bean

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